How much does it cost to come to your school? 

It depends on how long you would like to study at GEOS LA.  All applicants are charged $150 registration fee which is non-refundable.  For tuition fees please see our Price List .

When should I register and when do I have to pay? 

The earlier you register, the earlier your place is confirmed in the school. We want to accept all students, but if all classes are full, we might not be able to accept you.

Here are the application steps:

1.   Send us the registration form 

2.   For students who will apply for an F-1 visa, submit a statement from your bank saying that you have the financial support for the period you wish to study for.  Your financial statement must be in English and must be recent (dated within the last 6 months).  (Please calculate the total tuitionenrollment fee, and cost of living (approximately $1000/month) in your statement.) 

3.   You must submit the non-refundable $150 registration fee and $60 as shipping fee (if applicable)  plus 40% of the total amount as deposit.  If you are unable to obtain an F-1 visa, we will refund you the deposit.  (Your $120 registration fee as well as fees for any services rendered will not be refunded.)

4.   You must pay the balance of your tuition four weeks before arrival.  You can pay by bank wire transfer or credit card (Visa/Mastercard).  If you are paying by credit card, please fill out and send the credit card application form. (the linked document must be changed for the attached form)

5.   Once you have received your complete application, we will send your official letter of acceptance, I-20 (as applicable), and book your accommodation (if you have asked for this).

What happens if I cancel? 

If you cancel before the start date of your classes you will receive all the fees back except the Application Fee and the Homestay Application Fee (if you are placed with a host family). If you cancel your course after your first day GEOS refund policy will apply. Please, see the Refund Policy.

How do I register? 

 You can register online, by e-mail, fax, mail or in-person. 

What documents do I need?

To register for a course you will need to submit:


     Registration Form

     Copy of passport

     Bank statement

     Sponsorship letter (if you are going to have a sponsor)

     Registration Fee $150

How can I send the documents? 


You can send the documents by mail, fax or e-mail 

Do I need a VISA to register with GEOS? 

You will need a Student Visa (F-1) to pursue a full-time course (at least 18 hours per week)

You can use a tourist visa (B1/B2) or F-2 visa to take a part-time course (incl. standard course (less than 18 hours per week)

Some countries may take a part-time course without a visa (no more than 12 weeks). Please contact us for more information. 


How much is tuition? 

Please see our Price List 

What other fees should I expect? 

Registration Fee $150 (non-refundable)

Materials Fee $40/$55 for TOEFL

Homestay Placement Fee (if homestay is requested) $200

Airport Pick- Up (if requested) $100

We charge 40$/textbook. For any enrolment of 1 to 3 weeks, students will be able either to keep the textbooks at the end of their stay or to give back the books (in good condition). When returning the textbooks, we will refund your deposit minus the rental fees (5$/textbook/week).

How much money should I bring with me to Los Angeles? 

Living expenses are calculated as $1,000 per month. That is the minimum you should have with you if you intend to study for 1 month.

How can I pay? 

You can pay by a credit card, via a bank transfer, cash or traveler’s checks.

When should I pay? 

The application fee is due at the time of the application. The total payment is due by the first day of class.


When can I start my courses? 

We encourage students to start at the beginning of a session. It is possible, however, to begin on any Monday.

How many students are in each class? 

Maximum class size is 14 students.

How do I know what level of English I am? 

Students are placed in the appropriate fluency level based upon the results of the Michigan English Placement Test and the New York Dept. of Education speaking test.

How many hours of class are there per day? 

Intensive courses run for 4.5 hours each day. It is also possible to study part-time dependent upon student numbers.

Who are the teachers? 

All GEOS LA teachers have a recognized certificate in TESOL or at least 12-months full-time experience. Most of our teachers have excellent and extensive experience of teaching in other countries, including Japan, Korea, Russia, Spain, Thailand, and Mexico. 


How much does it cost? 

The Homestay  fee is $270/week. This includes a private room with bed, dresser or closet, and space for studying. Meals include breakfast and dinner Monday through Friday and breakfast, lunch and dinner on Saturday and Sunday.

There is a $100 placement fee that can be paid at the time of your initial application. 

How can I pay? Do I have to pay with my application? 

You pay the homestay fee to the schools. You can pay by either cash or check. .

How does GEOS Los Angeles ensure a good environment for me? 

A GEOS staff member visits every family to ensure the family is of the best quality. The staff member surveys the home to ensure it is safe and comfortable for a student as well as interviews the family to make sure they are a suitable family for our students.

Where do the families typically live? 

Our host families are located within the Greater Los Angeles area. They are within a 45-minute commute by public transportation to our school.

How would I benefit from the Homestay program? 

Our host families are multicultural and represent the diversity of the USA. They are open, friendly and ready to share their home with you. They can help you with your English and help you adapt to American culture. You benefit from this experience as it helps you to understand American culture firsthand as well as improve you English speaking skills.   

At any time, can I move out and look for my own accommodations? 

You are allowed to move out and search for your own accommodation. However you must tell your host family and Homestay Coordinator at least 2 weeks before you plan to move out. If you do not give your host family at least two weeks notice then you will incur a fee.